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Gumba: A dead-simple game that challenges your memory and twists your thumbs (literally)  gumbagame.com

2014-11-08 14:56:46 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Gumba means thumb in Swahili and that's the idea behind the game, you need your thumbs to play it and a great memory to win it. Each level starts by showing a drawing and you have a few seconds to memorize it, after that you'll need to replicate that using your thumbs (preferably but not exclusively, as in Twister you can use whatever comes handy). The trick is not to lift your thumbs after you started drawing. 

Here are some of Gumba's features and what will get you hooked on it:

  • Play in Arcade mode where you advance from one level to a (tougher) next one, or Hero mode where the difficulty is insane as you get only one life
  • Improve your short term memory as you have 3 seconds to mentally "record" the design and repeat the drawing after
  • Challenge your thumbs to a game of Twister as you'll need to bend/twist them repeatedly for the futile attempt to pass the level
  • 100+ levels to choose from and if you get to advance far enough you can be proud of your accomplishment to be included in the leaderboard

Play "Gumba" once, play it forever. Your thumbs will hate you but your mind will thank you, a demo proving that is on YouTube. The game is absolutely free (no ads, no IAPs) on Google Play and it’s just waiting for its next victim.

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