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Civilization: Race of Nations - turn-based multi-player board game  krinsen.com

2014-11-11 12:05:54 in Cross platform (PC, console, mobile,...) by Claudiu

In "Civilization: Race of Nations" you are the leader of an ancient civilization. Your goal is to help your civilization expand through the next eras and become a powerful empire. You do so by constructing buildings, hiring workers, producing food, researching new technologies and even provide your subjects with entertainment venues. Military development is vital and the key of winning wars and bringing glory to your civilization.

Here are some of the most important features in "Civilization: Race of Nations":

  • Turn-based gameplay for 2, 3 or 4 players. Craft your strategy well and you can create a legendary civilization.
  • Play on a single device with your friends or play online via Google Play against other challengers
  • Achievements for reaching a certain goal while playing against your opponents
  • Great graphics and a soundtrack that matches the pace of the game
  • Interactive tutorials that teach you how to play the game while enjoying the gameplay
  • User friendly with an easy to use dashboard of your entire civilization

The game is available on Google Play for a fee of $4.5 and it offers a free desktop version (Windows). You can see a demo of it in action on YouTube.

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