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Competitive sci-fi dodgeball brawler, with local multiplayer and online  pixelvex.com

2017-05-25 02:35:41 in PC games (Windows, Linux, ...) by Jared Cook

Metagalactic Blitz gives you that euphoric feeling of hurling dodgeballs, but adds the sci-fi weapons you wish you had in gym class! Powershot, reflect, dash, and blast your way to the top in this competitive arena game.



  • Deep dodgeball mechanics that encourage strategic gameplay
  • 9+ characters with entirely different playstyles
  • 1v1 online multiplayer
  • Online ranked matchmaking
  • 1-4 player local multiplayer
  • Original soundtrack by 8 Bit Cypher


Metagalactic Blitz is a top-down physics based fighting game. Everyone shares some main dodgeball mechanics (throwing, dashing, and reflecting) and each character also has 3 powerful abilities unique to them.


Buy the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/564080/Metagalactic_Blitz/ 

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