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Frogar.io - online mobile action game! (looking for feedback)  play.google.com

2017-05-27 11:42:47 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Donny sutherland

Frogar.io is a massive-multiplayer mobile game where the goal is to become the biggest frog with the highest score in the world. Eat your way to victory, one fly at a time. Play against players from all over the world using your cunning to outsmart and compete against them.

In the game you control a single frog competing against hundreds of other frogs all fighting to eat the tasty flies. Players can play passively by focusing on nothing but collecting flies or aggressively by risking their lives to try an kill other player frogs for a bigger reward. You can get a glimpse of the gameplay from our official trailer here: https://youtu.be/tDBHWAHOlgE. Alternatively, check out this gameplay video from our current top-player, gigglesss: https://youtu.be/1FNUyoLrYS0

Main features:

  • Frogtastic gameplay. Frogar.io differentiates itself from Slither.io/Agar.io through its intuitive one-finger easy & rewarding gameplay. Tap to jump & automatically eat flies, jump on smaller frogs to kill them. ¬†Above all, stay alive and score the highest score.
  • Succeed in daily quests for regular rewards.
  • Massively multiplayer frog experience. Frogar.io is a massive multiplayer mobile game with hundreds of frogs all wanting to become the biggest. Not as easy as it sounds, as growing larger makes you less maneuverable, giving smaller frogs the change to intersect your jump and kill you.
  • Global, continental and country leaderboards, as well as your own personal "friends" leaderboard. Add your friends and compete against them.
  • What kind of Frog are you, do you feel like a beautiful red Frogina or a toxic Froxic frog? There are plenty of frogs to unlock and choose from!

Frogar.io combines the best of two worlds. On one side you have the intuitive simplicity of the controls making it feel like a pick-up-and-play game. On the other hand you have a massively multiplayer online mobile experience where you can play against your friends, family, and hundreds of other players at the same time. Some dream of frogs becoming princes while others simply want to be the biggest and baddest frog in the world.

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