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Chaos Runner 3D: Endless running game with HD graphics and unique gameplay  play.google.com

2017-05-29 17:48:34 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Chaos Runner 3D is a fast paced game where the main purpose is to run as far as you can in a world where obstacles fall literally from the sky. Avoid spike traps and other dreadful contraptions while collecting coins to upgrade your hero and unlock new levels. Pick-up powerups to destroy temporarily all obstacles or speed-up, and whatever you do think fast as this is one of the most dynamic runner game you've played. For a glimpse of its action you can see this demo: https://youtu.be/41myNjIPq6Q

Main Features:

  • Endless running gameplay. Chaos Runner 3D is fast paced and the main purpose is to avoid the deadly obstacles while running to collect coins and powerups. Dash & jump to dodge shurikens, axes spike traps and falling blocks, and keep an eye for everything that sparks!
  • Random generated levels. 3 different levels that are randomly re-generated each time you play will ensure that you never play the same level twice. You can also choose a difficulty for each level, from Easy to Hard, so as you become better you can play tougher!
  • Upgrades. Collecting coins during your run pays up, as you can use those coins in the shop to purchase upgrades for your character. Unlock a slow-mo button, start with more light, gain more health, increase coin spawn rate/movement and even buy explosive powerups.
  • Achievements & leaderboard. Connect with your Google Play services account to enable cloud saving and get access to Achievements. See how well you stand at Chaos Runner by comparing your score with the worldwide leaderboard.

Chaos Runner 3D features HD graphics and a fast-paced soundtrack to give you the ultimate running experience.

It is available for free on Google Play and $0.99 on iOS App Store:

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