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FreeCell- A single player classic card game.  wdnk3.app.goo.gl

2017-06-27 10:32:27 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Vineet Yadav

BlackLight is a game development start-up based out of India. We bring classic games to mobile, preserving the classic experience yet making them more fun.

We are ready with our next card game - FreeCell. The game is in Open Beta, we've shared it with a limited audience for feedback.

FreeCell is a single player classic card game. It is a variant of Solitaire in which unlike Solitaire no luck and only skill is required to win a deal.

We have created FreeCell not only true to the classic experience but in an ergonomically conscious way. The game is optimized for mobile with big and bold eye-friendly cards. It is available in multiple languages. The game offers an option to “Bookmark” a deal, which you can either play later or share with friends. “View Solution” feature gives you a step-by-step solution of the deal.


  • High-resolution graphics

  • Bookmark a puzzle and play it later or share with a friend

  • Check the solution step-by-step

  • Famous 1 million deals

  • Smart Hints

  • Unlimited undo

  • Autocomplete

  • Tap to move for quick gameplay

  • Auto-save and resume, to make sure there are no interruptions

  • Perfect game experience for phone as well as tablet.

  • Auto-sync stats

  • Multiple languages support

  • In-depth Players Stats

  • 3 Level Leaderboard - Global, Country, and Friends

  • Various Achievements

  • Option to customize cards and backgrounds

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