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Idle Space - Endless Action Clicker  play.google.com

2017-08-09 10:28:48 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Matthias Knopp

Upgrade your spaceship, defeat thousands of enemies and challenge powerful bosses on your journey through an endless universe.Join the bounty hunt! Board your starfighter, load up your missiles and start your engines. A new bounty is just around the next solar system.

Idle Space is an action packed space bounty hunt where you fight against thousands of heavily armed enemies. Unlock weapons and upgrades and customize your starfighter with dozens of ship parts during your journey through the universe. Use your devastating special techs to destroy your opponents. Get stronger as you travel through dimensions and upgrade your weapons with dark matter. Beat the ever-growing enemy forces in this exciting idle clicker game. Features:Tap the screen to launch homing missiles against your targetsCollect powerful items to boost your damage and rush through spaceFight against special bosses and cash in their bountyUnlock different techs like ion storms, bombs and absorbing shieldsCustomize your ship with dozens of wings, cockpits and jetsConfigure and optimize your playstyle by combining ship part bonusesStart over again and buy powerful upgrades with dark matterDont care about steering the autopilot takes controlIdle clicker mechanics: upgrade, offline progression, prestigeOptimized controls for mobile devicesOver 35 different enemy units and environmentsColorful and amazing 3D graphicsNo internet connection required to play

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