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Friend Wars: 10-in-1 party games that can be played anytime, anywhere with friends or family  play.google.com

2017-08-10 14:09:48 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Want to discover a new group game to play with friends? Meet Friend Wars, a team game that is perfect for any social occasion: game nights, parties, icebreakers, teambuilding activities, road trips, ... 1 or 2 teams of players choose from 10 different individual games and compete for the highest possible score under the supervision of a host.

From quizzes, trivia to pantomime or a singing game, with Friend Wars there's always a new fun game to compete in. And this is only the first version of the game, soon another 10 more mini-games will be added.

Main Features:

  • Team Play Modes. Friend Wars can be played either by members of One Team or by Two Teams. Players compete against each other in various mini-games under the supervision of a host.
  • Play anywhere, anytime. Friend Wars can be played offline and by as many players as you like, thus the perfect choice for group activities.
  • Play Mini Games. There are 10 different mini-games that can be played. Players will answer quizzes & trivia questions, pantomime, sing and play other word games to get the highest score.
  • Easy to Host. The host of the game will be the one picking the mini-games and judging. Each game has an easy interface to help the host record the scores for each team and also see the answers.
  • Clean Interface. Since Friend Wars is a collection of social group games, the design is minimalist (with a Trivia-style) to help users focus on the play rather than on graphics.

Friend Wars is available for a small fee on Google Play, so one tap away from an excellent group gaming experience.

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