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Kitchen Panic: Beautiful potato-centric 2D platformer game   play.google.com

2017-08-21 07:34:03 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Kitchen Panic is a whimsical 2D platformer starring a potato, a reinvented version of the classic Gameboy/Playstation game for Android. An 100% American potato must save the kitchen from an army of cans and other foodstuff that have taken over the kitchen. Advance through each level as fast as possible (time counts) while avoiding various monsters and collecting special vegetables & stews. The cute potato has unique abilities like spinning, dashing, jumping and sliding. You can see it in action here: https://youtu.be/MkM1ssAW0wU


  • 2D Platformer gameplay. Help a potato find its way out of the kitchen! Jump over moving obstacles, on top of enemies to freeze them, spin & dash to advance, open doors, enter warp portals and pass checkpoints in your way to the Goal Can.
  • Easy controls. Kitchen Panic has 4 direction controls and 2 buttons, but with some creativity you can easily combine actions in order to move, dash, jump, slide, spin/backspin, move objects, enter doors & portals. Ultimately you are able to control the camera view.
  • Power-ups. Goal in each level is to get in time to the Goal Can. With so many monsters, your hope is to collect powerups as well. Collect vegetables & healing stew to regenerate life and advance faster with the Rocket Potato, Ice Potato or Marine Potato powerups.
  • Multiple levels. Kitchen Panic spans over multiple worlds each with different levels that range in difficulty. This way you have lots of hours of gameplay while enjoying an up-beat soundtrack and joyful sounds.
  • Leaderboard. Connect with your Google account to access the worldwide leaderboard and see how you stack against other players. You can also share your saved data to play the game on multiple devices in sync.

Kitchen Panic is available for free on Google Play.

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