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2017-08-26 06:39:44 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Sadam Hussain

Smart Phone Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Master PRO is a temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and kills applications and services that consume heavy resources to reduce CPU usage and cool your phone. You do not have to worry about your device's heat problems because its performance is always getting optimal with smart CPU cooler. Phone Cooler works in a perfect way to help stop apps running in the background to free up RAM and keep your phone in normal temperatures.

Real Time Temperature MonitoringMonitor CPU temperature in real time. Display phone temperature using live graphs.✓Detect Overheating Apps Auto detect overheating apps with special algorithm, find the most resource consuming apps.One tap reduce CPU usage:You can reduce CPU usage and cool down phone with simple one tap.Unlike other CPU coolers, we use a special algorithm which can cool down your phone more efficiently. Our overheating protection algorithm makes your phone safer to use and saves on battery usage. Meanwhile, when your phone is lag or laggy Device Cooler is also a smart choice. Our goal is to make Device Cooler the best CPU cooler on the market.What is the effect of overheating?

High phone temperatures can cause your device to slow down or crash. Excessive heat can accelerate the aging process of the phone and shorten battery life. Even more serious, can lead to potential security problems.With all these awesome features, Smart Phone Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Master PRO is the best choice to detect apps with high CPU usage and close them to make your device cool. In addition, Smart Phone Cooler Master - CPU Cooler Master PRO also helps to increase the battery life, clean the RAM, and boost your phone speed.  

CPU cooler for Android is a smart tool in other words cool master cool phone, device cooler, CPU booster, smart cooler master and its heat algorithm is very effective to reduce CPU utilization, which ensures long battery life. Battery Cooler Additional functionality of the Phone Cooler App for Android is the solution to battery problems with battery-saving mode with telephone cooler.


CPU COOLER RAM CLEAN has the best features.This app has the best CPU cooler feature. That will detects the CPU Cooler Master usage and help you to reduce its usage and also the temperature of your device.RAM cleaner feature will inform you about the RAM performance of your device and help you to reduce its usage.This app also has the best memory clean feature which helps you to stop the cache and help you to remove it and save your device memory. This app will show you graph information about memory usage and CPU usage.This app is compatible for Android smart-phones and tablets.CPU COOLER RAM CLEAN app is free to download and very easy to use. This app is very small in size and do not disturb you with extra downloads after installation. This app contains add.

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