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Smash Fly: Addictive Frustration. Become one with the fly. Tap your way to victory.  play.google.com

2017-09-08 12:57:43 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Smash Fly is a super tap tap Arcade game where the main goal is to catch as fast as possible the right fly that is on your screen. The game is packed with hours of pure tapper gameplay that requires great reaction and precision as you can experience in this quick video demo: https://youtu.be/6OEzBTFj76o

Main features:

  • Tap-tap Arcade gameplay. Smash Fly features a simple gameplay where you must catch the fly to win. Careful though, as the fly doesn't want to be caught, and moves extremely fast or clones into decoys or goes rogue to make things extremely difficult
  • Dozens of levels. Play more than 60 levels of fast fly-smashing action, each level increasingly more difficult than the previous one. Unlock Frenzy levels where the goal is to destroy as many flies as possible in the given time.
  • Boosts. As levels grow in complexity you can activate 3 boosts to overcome their difficulty. Use red boosts to “calm down” rogue flies, blue ones to destroy decoys and green ones to allow misses when tapping.
  • Clean HD design. Enjoy a beautiful yet minimalist design with an isometric touch and HD graphics. Coupled with a fast paced soundtrack and action-based sounds, you’re in for the full gaming experience.

Smash Fly is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from testing your reflexes while having fun.

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