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Smart Squares: Minimalist puzzle with unique brain-challenging gameplay  play.google.com

2017-09-15 16:18:07 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Smart Squares is not yet-another-puzzle-game, but actually a brain training single & multi-player puzzle. It's like chess but square-centric, as on a board you must combine tokens to make squares. The goal is to create more squares than your opponent before the board fills up with tokens, as you can see in this demo: https://youtu.be/qYcu2PUwiOQ

Smart Squares has a Quest mode as well, where you play levels with gradually increasing difficulty, up to the point where you can create a custom level yourself.

Main features:

  • Unique puzzle gameplay. Use your wits to combine 4 color matching tokens in such a way that they form a square. The player that forms the most squares as more tokens are added, wins the game.
  • Multiple game modes. Play against the AI in easy, medium, hard or impossible single player mode to train for Multiplayer. Challenge your friends to see who scores the highest.
  • Quests & Level generator. You can also play 40+ levels in quest mode to practice your problem solving skills. When that's not a challenge anymore, you can create your own playable level.
  • Minimalist design. Smart Squares features a beautifully-minimalist design meant to help you focus on the actual puzzle to solve.
  • Totally free. Unlike other games that mention "free" but actually have ads, Smart Squares is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases.

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