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Pheugo: Beautifully-crafted 3D Arcade game with a retro touch  play.google.com

2017-09-18 16:46:32 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready for crazy 3D arcade action? It's time for Pheugo, a new space odyssey action game where you must help a hero gain freedom from dreadful aliens.

Choose from a dozen different heroes and embark on a spatial 3D adventure with the purpose of rescuing your friends and ultimately yourself. Endlessly run, jump and throw plasma balls at flying mother ships while trying to destroy the alien robots they drop. As you run you can unlock your friends from energy cages and have them join the fight alongside you. Pheugo is fully physics driven and all objects have their own AI.

Finish off all motherships in a stage to advance onto the next one, as you can experience here: https://youtu.be/7TQ2vv1E0tM

Main features:

  • True Arcade gameplay. Pheugo's gameplay is beautifully crafted to give you the feeling of playing on an Arcade Machine. Control your hero to run, jump on bad robots and pick up items to throw at flying alien mother ships.
  • Dozens of stages. Pheugo has 15 stages that grew progressively in terms of difficulty. The faster you finish a stage, the more stars and coins you get plus a higher score. You can also play in Endless mode for unlimited challenges, with 1 life and unlimited motherships.
  • Unlock multiple heroes. 11 different heroes can be unlocked, however each will come with an increase in game difficulty. With beautiful retro graphics and easy controls, it's all down to your dodge & aim skills.
  • Unleash special powers. Collect special items to temporarily boost your hero. From shielding powerups to electrifying attacks, these items will help you advance faster through tougher levels. The game timing loop is based on the score multiplier, so the better you get the faster the action gets.

With its Arcade-like design and gameplay, Pheugo is a must have for retro-nostalgics and anyone looking for a 3D Arcade adventure.

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