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Scary Ugandan Knuckles - Escape from Evils 3D  play.google.com

2018-03-26 05:45:55 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Hero Pruduction

In this Scary Ugandan Knuckles - Escape from Evils 3D, A crazy old chap has moved into the house next door and it’s so disturbing how haunting it is to have a psychopath around you. His mysterious activities cant let you sleep. Instead of going to say hello to the neighbor, you have to get on a Scary Ugandan Knuckles mission in the scary house of the boogie man. You have no idea or background check about who’s your neighbor, find an entrance and say hi to the traces of mischiefs instead of saying his neighbor. Crazy Ugandan Knuckles neighbor seems to be a psychopath scary guy, and you have absolutely no idea about the killing skills. The murder case hasn’t yet been open. You have to build the case and turn out these Scary Ugandan Knuckles - Escape from Evils 3D from hell to the police. 

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