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Battle in Pacific FPS Shooter 2018 - Battle Royale  play.google.com

2018-03-26 06:38:34 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Hero Pruduction

This Battle in Pacific FPS Shooter 2018 - Battle Royale full of Pacific war missions and you are the real free fps shooter games of this game. shoot enemies and save the hostage with your sniper gun skills. When the mission completes your soldier rank will improve and it will unlock more power, armors and shooting guns. Take the challenge to complete multiple intensive levels of this first-person shooting games world war ii. Your basic task is to shoot the enemies and defend your other world war heroes with your elite commando skills. Battle of Pacific FPS Shooter 2018 - Battle Royale is full of action, thrill, and adventure of the battlefield. So, lead your commando warfare team in this new realistic action and shooting adventure game and protect your nation.

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