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Retro Shooting: Retro space fighting game with beautiful 3D pixel graphics  play.google.com

2018-04-24 09:47:43 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Meet the pixel-perfect retro shooting game enjoyed by 2+ million users! Retro Shooting is a spectacular space shooter game with a pixel-perfect 3D retro design and everything a true Arcade game should have. Multiple fighter ships with various abilities, powerful bombs/lasers, lots of tough levels and nevertheless a wide range of menacing aliens.

This is a game of skill, as you'll have to practice fending off incoming bullets and kamikaze planes, ultimately facing off powerful bosses. Play increasingly tougher levels or start the Infinity Mode to prove your shooting skills. You can see its amazing gameplay in action here: https://youtu.be/JlDWkAdjFv4

Main Features:

  • Arcade shmup gameplay. Retro Shooting features a classic shmup gameplay, where you control a space ship and shoot at incoming alien ships. Destroy anything that moves, collect weapon upgrades and defeat powerful bosses.
  • Retro graphics. The game is a feast for the eyes of retro nostalgics (and not only), with beautiful 3D pixel-perfect graphics that combine modern design with classic style. Let the space fight begin!
  • Multiple aircrafts & upgrades. Choose your aircraft from multiple options, each with its own shooting style and abilities. Upgrade your weapons using collected coins to improve your ship's destruction power.
  • Powerups. When the fight gets close to overwhelming, use a destructive bomb or the powerful laser to clear the screen. Each powerup has a recharge time, so use it wisely especially against bosses.
  • Various game modes. You can play Retro Shooting in Rookie, Champion or Hero mode. The tougher the game mode, the more points you'll receive. You can play in Arcade mode (level-by-level) or in Infinity mode.

Retro Shooting is available for free on Google Play and already enjoyed by millions of players.

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