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The Genius Quiz : Tricky Test - IQ  play.google.com

2018-05-03 09:44:39 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Shivam Meena

The title of my game is "The Genius Quiz : Tricky Test - IQ" it is a funny tricky game with 90+ tricky brain teasers,puzzles,riddles & tricky questions. the game will always try to trick you but you have to avoid getting tricked and answer all tricky questions smartly. the game is fun for all ages. you have to think outside the box the most obvious answer is usually wrong! "Interact with your device" FLIP, TAP, SHAKE, ROTATE your phone! A game that tests your Skills, Memory, Logic, IQ & Math Abilities!!!

Features - • 90+ Tricky out of the box IQ brain teasers - Endless Possibilities• " Interact with your device " - FLIP , TAP , SHAKE , ROTATE your phone! • A game that tests your Skills , Memory , Logic , IQ and Math Abilities!• "Great fun for all ages"• "Think outside the box!" - The most obvious answer is usually wrong.• No Internet Needed! - Download Once and Play the Game without WIFI.• Got stuck on a question? Get Hints and Answer Whenever needed.Play the Hardest And Trickiest Game And Enhance your Creative Thinking !

The game is FREE to download.

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