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Scary Hungry Jaws Shark Attack  itunes.apple.com

2018-05-05 10:04:39 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by SoftClicks

Welcome to one of the best underwater animal hunting games where the aquatic sea adventure is limitless. Let’s go together in the underwater sea adventure to hunt the killer sharks in Blue Monster Whale Shark Sniper Shooter. Blue monster whale Sharks have spread a terror in the devils water. A special sniper shooter shark hunter has been assigned by the beach authority to pursue a hunting mission with ultimate sniper gun and attack shark with modern assault sniper rifle. The shark world is furious in instant kill its prey.Enter the world of monster whale shark, you should be well trained as a professional sniper shooter as whale shark fishing over here is furious and hungry. Be a sea monster hunter and eradicate the monster whale shark evolution avoiding hungry shark jaws in this shark simulator. Be the ultimate survival hero in the devils water and kill every blue monster whale. The hungry shark jaws of crazy shark might kill you so attack shark before they approach you. The hungry blue monster sharks will come in group pack to instant kill you. Being an underwater blue hunter you should possess special sniper shooting skills.Target the monster whale shark and kill all whale while going wild with hunting and not letting hungry shark jaws catch you. Shark Hunter is about the deep sea water game. This is the world of the deadliest wild sea creatures that will kill you for their daily survival. Take control over world most powerful and brutal species predator in water and have an awesome feeling of other different creatures as well. Experience the adventure underwater but keep yourself safe from any sudden attack by driving as far as you can from these wild monsters. These monsters are always hungry for hunting down more tasty fishes including you and it will destroy whatever gets in its way. So hunt down the sharks that are coming after you and enjoy pleasure as a hunter. Have you ever dreamt of going underwater and hunting sharks? Then make this dream a reality by playing this shark hunting game.In this underwater hunting game, Spearfishing wild shark hunting game you will hunt deadly hungry sharks, hungry whales, sea turtles, wild Whales, and other favorite aquatic fishes.In start of the shark hunter game a gun will be given to you at the start of the hunting, in next levels you may need to upgrade the gun or buy new gun from store. You can use bow and arrows to hunt amazing underwater shark 3D game play with high visual graphics and best deep sea water music provide extra fun. if you are a fish hunter , come and play this adventurous shark hunting game simulation and prove you are the best hungry shark sniper shooter.The gameplay of this shark hunting game is vastly characterized, and you will enjoy the ocean war against the sea predator and shark hunter. It’s a wonderful game with a lot of frightful, thrilling and heart touching missions. Features:• Different thrill underwater shooting missions.• Realistic 3D underwater sea environment. • Shark shooting game with extreme underwater depth. • Realistic and stunning sounds. • Multiple sniper guns for survival

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