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Moon Games: Lunar Slalom  play.google.com

2018-05-10 04:49:47 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready to explore the Moon? Just put on your jet-pack and start your Lunar Slalom!

Race through obstacles and try to achieve the highest possible score to access the worldwide leaderboards. Collect orbs to keep your flying momentum and unlock wormholes. Careful though, if you touch the ground the game is over.

Game Features:

  • Jet-pack flying simulator. Strap on your jet-pack and start your lunar race through countless obstacles, with the main goal of traveling the farthest. Dive, lift, turn and keep your momentum by collecting orbs.
  • Momentum and wormholes. As you grab orbs you'll build up momentum that keeps you flying at a solid pace. Collect enough orbs to reach maximum speed and unlock wormholes. These keep you safe temporarily and flying at maximum speed.
  • Easy controls. Control your character's movement either by using the mobile joystick or even W-A-S-D/Directional keys. Your character flies automatically, you just control the direction.
  • Hand-drawn like graphics. Enjoy some hand-drawn like graphics that are in tone with the theme of the game, Lunar flights. You can also enable/disable special effects for game ends.
  • Worldwide leaderboards. The goal in Lunar Slalom is to access the worldwide leaderboard and see how you compare to others in terms of score, longest flights and maximum combos.

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