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Rockstar Alien Killers - aerial action game  play.google.com

2018-05-24 17:27:26 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Marc Georgeson

Take to the skies with the Rockstar Alien Killers in this FREE aerial action game for Android.

Grab your favourite plane, select your weapons of choice, turn the music to EXTREMELY LOUD and show off your flying skills in this action packed game.

Join a band of washed-up rockstars who just happen to be able to fly planes and show the aliens who's best in aerial combat.Work your way through a variety of different "rock-tastic!" missions while earning mission bonuses and improving your Rockstar Rating.


* 16 main missions to try and complete featuring heat seekers, clone UFOs, War Ships, towers, lasers and much, much more.* Random Selection missions where 3 main enemies are randomly generated for you to do battle against.* Rocknite game mode (not Fortnite!!) - Take on 50 UFOs and see how long it takes before you Crash n Burn.* 7 different plane types each with varying speeds, shield and fuel.* Upgrade your plane with primary and secondary weapons. Get the Heat Seekers and become a Rock God!* Match the rockstar characters with their favourite planes to get a coin bonus.


Youtube Link - https://youtu.be/VUODpQ_JpBM

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