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Chain Circles: Endless 2D Arcade game for retro-nostalgics  play.google.com

2018-08-12 15:17:26 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Remember Breakout?

Chain Circles is an endless 2D game with balls and circles that has at its core some of the old Arcade Breakout gameplay.

Circles with numbers on them come down in waves and you must use balls to hit those until they break. Collect other balls to increase your launch army, and make chain reactions help you by breaking even more circles. You can see the gameplay in action here: https://youtu.be/6U_8_YskU2U

Main Features:

  • Ball-breaking gameplay. Endless game where the goal is to hit as many circles as possible, Breakout style. Collect balls to increase your chain and shoot towards waves of incoming circles.
  • 6 balls to unlock. Collect coins by surviving as many incoming waves as possible and use those to unlock more powerful balls. There are 6 in total, each upgradeable and with its own abilities.
  • Complex mechanics. Drag & launch your chain of balls and watch the complex physics mechanics unfold. Calculate trajectories so that you hit as many circles as possible. You can also speed it up.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. Unlock many trophies by playing the game and challenge your friends to see who's better at Chain Circles. Create your own chain circle and watch the score increase.

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