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Fitness Village: Play fun games while earning rewards for outdoor challenges  play.google.com

2018-08-24 10:40:21 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Train at your home or outdoors and claim your rewards! Fitness Village is a game that lets you train a character in a series of addictive mini-games or by switching to a GO-mode that lets you complete outdoors challenges. Due to its unique gameplay, the game helps you have fun but also do real workouts to keep you in shape.

With Fitness Village you can gather data from your phone, tablet, sports watch or even fitness activity tracker. This way you earn points while doing real activities and collect rewards. You can see a glimpse of its gameplay in this quick demo: https://youtu.be/epech2Jkyl4

Game features:

  • The Fitness motivator. Fitness Village features a unique concept that combines gaming and workout motivation. It allows you to train your avatar character at home while playing a game or be on the move and gain points for staying in shape. Claim your crown as the Master of Fitness Village!
  • Play mini-games. The game includes a series of mini-games that you can play and advance through various levels. Play a match-3 bubble popping mini game or a fast reaction step tapping game to earn diamonds and coins while advancing your fitness training.
  • Integrates with fitness trackers. Fitness Village supports data coming from Google Fit, Polar, Life Fitness & FitBit devices. This way you can connect your fitness device with the game and earn points while continuing your workout routine.
  • Tournaments. Play through a few levels of the mini-games and unlock the tournament mode. This will allow you to compete against other players and climb to the top of the leaderboards.
  • Customize your character. Playing the games and staying on top of your workout routine will earn you points and rewards. Use the gained in-game currency to unlock items for your character and customize it any way you want.

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