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Spotlight: Escape game with thrilling dramatic scenery and 5+ million installs  play.google.com

2018-08-29 09:42:31 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? "Spotlight: Room Escape" is a thrilling escape game with theatrical drama scenery.

You wake up locked in a strange room after being kidnapped with no clue on how you got there. You must use your puzzle solving skills to escape the room before time runs out. You'll need to solve riddles, take on quests, play mini-games, find hidden objects, bypass traps and much more before escaping. Use hints or get help when you are lost, and enjoy the beauty of the game. You can experience its gameplay in this quick demo: https://youtu.be/UcemzCbzQWQ

Game Features:

  • Exciting escape puzzles. Join a beautiful adventure with 3 chapters and more than 12 different stories that will captivate you with their own plot and unique graphics. The goal is to escape as fast as possible by solving complex puzzles. Sharpen your logic and observation skills as millions others do.
  • Drama scenery. The game features a thrilling gameplay based on a theatrical drama scene. What would you be up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strange room with no clue about how you reached there? If you love scary mysteries, Spotlight is for you.
  • Get free hints & help. Some levels are very difficult and that's where tips and help comes handy. Use your collected coins to easily escape a room, or use hints to see where you must search for clues.
  • Beautiful graphics. Enjoy a mesmerizing design that gives the feeling of playing in a movie rather than a game. Enjory awesome 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects and thrilling scenery.
  • Multi mini-games. You won't get bored as the game features a huge variety of logical puzzles and also includes mini-games. From hidden object searches to quests & hundreds of secrets, there's always something new.

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