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DuoLand: Improve your logical reasoning with a fun color puzzle game  play.google.com

2018-10-11 15:15:23 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready to train your logical puzzle solving skills? Meet DuoLand, a logical puzzle game based on the 4-color math theorem. This theorem says that any region-divided map can be colored so that no 2 adjacent regions share the same color and using only 4 colors. DuoLand is not yet-another-eye-candy puzzle, instead it offers a playful and colorful journey to test your attention, memory and logical reasoning skills.

The purpose of DuoLand is to prove the theorem by coloring all regions so that no 2 adjacent regions would be colored the same. It offers extra help by providing 6 colors in total (not 4). However, the goal is to score as high as possible and score is calculated by multiplying the color points with the region points. 2 of the colors are worth 0 points, thus try to avoid them for a higher score.

Game features:

  • Logic puzzle gameplay. DuoLand features a puzzle gameplay that requires logical skills to solve. The goal is to color all regions on a given map so that no 2 adjacent regions share the same color.
  • Two-sided challenge. The play map on DuoLand has 2 sides that must be solved simultaneously to finish the game. This makes it more brain challenging as a color change on one side might change it on the other as well.
  • Easy to play. The game starts right after you open it, and you just have to simply tap on a region to change its color. There are 6 colors in total but any map can be solved with 4 colors.
  • Score high. The purpose is to score as high as possible. Each region has a number of points that gets multiplied with the score of its color. Avoid black and white to score the highest, if you can!
  • Play offline. DuoLand doesn't require an Internet connection and can be saved at any time. This way next time you can reload and continue where you left off, giving you time to plan your strategy.

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