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Sky Diving Squirrel - A fun, Action-packed, Dodging, Arcade Game for Android  play.google.com

2018-12-18 07:30:32 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Ashraful Alam

Want to dive from the sky? Want to make some fun by challenging yourself through a different obstacle while falling from the sky?  Try Sky Diving Squirrel – a free, fun, action-packed, addictive, arcade, a dodging game for every Android game lovers!

With amazing graphics and cool background music, this cool arcade game will take you into the world of acorn forest where nuts are falling from the trees! All you need to collect the acorn-nuts while falling avoiding the obstacles.  The more nuts you’ll collect the more opportunity you’ll get to improve and boost your gameplay. Like, using those collected acorn-nuts you can purchase different Squirrel characters, different power-ups such as time freeze and thunder speed.  There are also many special gifts that you can claim frequently from visiting the store.

Key Features:● A great fun, action-packed, challenging, arcade game● Stunning motion graphics with cool background music● 9 different Squirrel characters to choose your favorite one● Frequent special nut gifts● Game booster – time freeze and thunder speedHow to Play:● Simply tap and drag your squirrel in any direction to move● Collect the nuts as much as you can avoiding other obstacles● Visit often store to claim special gifts to get free nuts● Use power-ups to escape from initial danger

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