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Color Disc Block Puzzle . Discover the addictive gameplay of a Circle Block Puzzle.   play.google.com

2019-02-04 10:24:32 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Cristoforos paidas

Color Disc is a free classic Block Puzzle game but this time the board is a Circle! The goal is to put the Blocks at the right places into the board and complete Color Rings.

It is quite simple to play Color Disc but hard to be at the top. The circular form of the game makes it different from usual block puzzle games and much more challenging. The already addictive gameplay of a classic block puzzle becomes amazing into a Circle Block Puzzle!

The game is designed carefully with beautiful colors, nice graphics and small size. It has very few, not annoying Ads and it is also available offline.





- Free to Play

- Simple Controls

- Addictive Endless Gameplay

- Beautiful Color design

- Small Size

- No extra permissions

- Available offline

- 3 Leaderbοards

- 16 Achievements


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