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Chesser: Play the classical chess board game against the AI or other players  play.google.com

2019-02-11 17:20:03 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready for a brain challenge? Chesser is a smart chess game with a powerful AI that helps you learn, practice and ultimately master the game of chess. It features the classic chess board gameplay and it has a simple but great design that makes it just perfect for chess training. It also helps you when moving the board pieces by highlighting the allowed movement positions.

The AI is configurable as you can decide what difficulty to set, and it also comes with built-in chess movements to help. You can also play Chesser with another player on the same device, without needing an Internet connection. Chess has always been considered one of the best brain-training games ever, so Chesser is your friend in polishing those skills!

Main features:

  • Classic chess gameplay. Chesser features a classic chess gameplay, where the goal is to be smarter than your opponent and be the first that does a checkmate.
  • AI play mode. Train yourself by playing against a very powerful AI. You can set various difficulties for the AI, from a 1ply move to a 3ply move (or go random).
  • Challenge a friend. You can also challenge a friend at a game of chess, as Chesser can be played by 2 different stand alone players on the same device.
  • Offline play. There's no need to have an Internet connection, Chesser works offline just as well. Your own portable mini-chess game!
  • Great graphics. Chesser has a very simple interface that focuses on the actual gameplay. Controls are very easy, tap on a piece and then on the destination to move it.

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