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Pandrax ! A new original puzzle idea about Pandora's box, small balls and physics!  play.google.com

2019-02-17 16:50:14 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Simone mapelli

Your goal : Save at least 1 Pot  with  at least 1 Ball inside .

Why, what and how :

The myth says that Pandora received a box (a large vase, a pot) from Zeus with the prescription  to not opening it.But she disobeyed, opened the jar and all the evils of the world spread around making it the course you know ...

Ok, relax, your goal is not to save that world from such a big mistake!

Saving yours, it's easier.

You have these Greek vases and all these balls (evil balls, of course, adhering to the legend).


* Save 1 Greek vase  with  at least 1 ball inside (... or more if you can...).

* Destroy all the other blocks by touching them.  *********************************************

That's it.Can you reach it?

Simple, but not easy.

Physics plays it's role, of course .

A completely new original idea of ​​game puzzle.

In each level you have to choose the right strategy to avoid losing or breaking the pots or losing all the balls.

Some tricks are child's play, others are very challenging and take a long time to find the right way to keep Pandora vases safe.

As well as their little balls (evil balls, remember) inside, of course.

Use all your creativity and imagination to achieve your goal! 

It will be a fun  brain training exercise, which involves reflection to choose the right moment to make your move.

Or which move, or the order of the moves, or...whatever !


Features__________________________________________________* Game completely FREE

* New and Original physics game idea

* A real physics game with simple rules: just touch the screen, play with just one finger.

* 90 very challenging levels (... and others are coming, I'm working over 200 levels more!)

* Impressive graphics, Greek art and architecture!

* Relaxing music for your game!

* Stuck at some level? A suggestion (FREE) within each level guides you in the right direction to solve the puzzle, or at least gives you a different point of view to consider the problem.


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