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Brain Marbles: Train your brain with hundreds of Solitaire-like puzzles  play.google.com

2019-03-02 18:50:51 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready for hundreds of "brain push-ups"? Brain Marbles is a brain-teasing game that takes the Solitaire gameplay into extreme. The game area consists of 12 slots and each can hold as many as 5 marbles at a time. When the game begins a certain number of colored marbles are randomly dropped, and the goal is to arrange those in such a way so that in the end only marbles of the same color will be stacked together.

While it sounds simple, the game requires planning ahead your moves and concentration to solve it. The interface is streamlined so that you can concentrate on the actual gameplay rather than eyecandy. Train your brain while having fun! You can see Brain Marbles in action here: https://youtu.be/W-I3pDlScEw

Main features:

  • Solitaire-like gameplay. Brain Marbles features a Solitaire-like gameplay but with marbles instead of cards. The main purpose is to arrange a given number of marbles by color in the available slots.
  • Simple controls. To move a marble from one slot onto another you simply tap on it and then on its destination. There are 12 slots available and up to 5 marbles can be stacked in each, only of the same color.
  • 2 Game modes, 230+ levels. In Evolution mode you play levels that gradually get from easy to difficult. In Career mode, levels get insane - more steps to solve the puzzles, limited moves or time-restricted levels. In total both modes have more than 230 playable levels.
  • Visual & gameplay perks. You can freely unlock different marble patterns to change the game’s look. You can also set the game to notify you when you're out of moves.
  • Get help if you’re stuck. As you solve the puzzles you get coins. Those can be used to unlock Undo and Help powerups. The Help feature will show you the 3 next moves, while Undo lets you get back one step.

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