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Coastal Hill: Free hidden object game with Android Instant support and RPG elements  go.onelink.me

2019-03-07 16:32:51 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready to solve thrilling mysteries? Join the newest hidden mystery game, Coastal Hill, and immerse yourself in a eery world full of free hidden object secrecies, innuendos and obscurities.

Coastal Hill goes beyond the usual hidden object gameplay, as it includes RPG elements as well. Find collectibles, create items to complete quests and fight dreadful monsters. Gain experience as you advance from one mystery location to another, and play mini-games (i.e. word games, bingo) that help improve your logical thinking while being entertained.

Aside its intriguing gameplay, Coastal Hill is beautifully mastered and offers a true feast for the eyes as you can experience in this short demo: https://youtu.be/lOQ3rywBEYk

Main Features:

  • Find Hidden Objects. At its core, Coastal Hill features a free hidden objects gameplay that spans over 37 first-class locations around a mysterious city.
  • Use Powerups. Unlock powerful tools that help you get hints when you're stuck, collect all objects from the list (magnet), light up the place or animate the hidden objects (hammer/boomerang/amulet).
  • Thousands of Quests. Immerse into a thrilling story unfolding in front of you through more than 1000 interesting quests. Unlock achievements and receive rewards for solving the quests.
  • Improve Yourself. Customize your own avatar and unlock clothes that have special abilities to solve mysteries faster.
  • Build Wonders of the World. Construct and upgrade renowned sights to receive energy, crystals, and search tools on a daily basis.
  • Design your own home. Restore an old mansions room by room and get closer to solving the mystery of the town.

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