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V: Ghosts in the Deep Alpha demo -- An Adventure Shmup with a unique combo-based attack  primechaos.com

2019-04-23 17:42:29 in PC games (Windows, Linux, ...) by Prime Chaos

You have been contracted by Astral Horizons to investigate the halting of DeepSoul, the world's most advanced AI. Dive into its quantum-space code base and engage with mysterious hostiles against a radiant neon dreamscape. Explore a circuitous, branching overworld map and communicate with strange inhabitants. Report your findings to various departments at the mega-corporation Astral Horizons -- or keep them to yourself as you unravel a mystery that goes beyond what anyone imagined.

This is a free alpha gameplay demo for our game and currently has 4 levels. The final version will have over 70 levels featuring puzzles unique to the genre and an engaging story that branches granularly to the player's choices.

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