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Marines vs Zombies Destroy Zombie Battle  play.google.com

2019-04-24 15:26:10 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Ashraful Alam

Smash zombies with powerful weapons in the ultimate zombie battle - Marine Vs Zombies. Start your quest in the zombie city and enjoy a thrilling & adventurous Zombie game! Can you win the battle versus zombies in all 40 levels?-- > Play an exciting Zombie game from anywhere you are in the comfort of your office or room.DEFEND THE ZOMBIE CITYProtect and defend your city from the raging Zombies who want to take over your land with their incredible abilities. Destroy zombies with your squad and fight them off with your unique skills. Make sure to plan smart & react fast, in this smash zombie battle, you need to come out victorious.GROW YOUR MARINES TEAMBuild a team of superpowers that will take these outrageous Zombies who turned from the toxins that infected the city of your land. It’s a real survival zombie battle, where everything depends on you. Your smash zombies Special Squad will go on missions with you in the dead of night, day, water, rooftops and fogs.These smash zombie heroes that have formed a team will collect coins to upgrade their equipment and abilities to advance to the next stage. It’s a real zombie war, and only If you will survive it only if you are up to your best self.These exciting zombie games will leave players gasping for breath because of the fun and adventure associated with it. Earn or buy coins to upgrade your weaponry and kill your enemies – it’s a real satisfaction when you destroy zombies coming at you.WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: 

  • 8 types of soldiers with different skill & strength
  • 9 types of Zombies with different ability
  • 3 skills you can use for free
  • Earn or buy coins from in-app purchase option to upgrade your weaponry and your squad to kill more your enemies.
  • Available upgrade systems (health, damage, range, and critical)
  • Different interesting ways to earn more gold and gem.
  • Free reward every day.
  • Reward increase as you overcome each level with your team of marines fights to send this city.
  • More than 40 challenging levels. As more level you'll finish, the difficulty of each level will be increased.
  • Available multiple levels for you to show the extraordinary ability of your players possess in the game.
  • Plus a library system that to know what Zombie you are dealing with.

What’s more?The versus zombie battle game is designed with the best background, sound and picture quality any user will fall in love with.With its 3D design and highly efficient user interface, it is the game you should be playing.Download this crazy destroy zombies war game now!

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