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Hex49: Forget Sudoku squares, logical hexagons are tougher to solve!  play.google.com

2019-07-08 07:56:37 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Are you passionate about playing Sudoku puzzles? Then you'll love Hex49 as it is a challenging and brain teasing logical game that takes the Sudoku gameplay to a whole new level.

Hex49 has a playing board filled with hexagons displayed on 7 rows by 7 columns that have to be filled with numbered tiles from 1 to 7. Play hundreds of challenging levels and try to finish each one in as few moves as possible to beat your own high score. Each level has multiple solutions and a new challenge awaits every week. Are you up for it?

Main Features:

  • Sudoku-like logic gameplay. Hex49 features a gameplay similar to Sudoku, where on a 7x7 tile board you must place digits from 1 to 7 without repeating the same digit twice on the same row or column. Try to solve with as few moves as possible.
  • Multiple levels. The game has 10 sections each with 49 playable levels, thus you can train your brain for tens of hours without finishing the game. With a small fee you unlock all levels.
  • Challenge yourself. For each completed level you'll receive a badge based on how many moves you did (the fewer you do, the higher the reward): Bronze, Silver or Gold. Don't worry, you can replay a level to challenge your previous achievement.
  • Easy to play. Playing Hex49 is very easy, for each level you have the board with 49 hexagons and some pre-filled values. Just tap on a digit from the bottom and then on an empty hexagon to fill it. You'll receive notices when it's an illegal move.

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