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Lathe Machine 3D: Official sequel of the most popular 3D lathe machine game  play.google.com

2019-10-14 17:14:14 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ever dreamed of becoming a Machinist? Now’s your chance to create unique forms out of different materials with a fun simulation game, Lathe Machine 3D. This is a sequel to Lathe Worker, the original game that has to date more than 2,000,000 installs, with improved graphics and gameplay.

This game will let you mill custom-made products in your own personal lathe machine manufacturing shop. With incredible 3D details you’ll be able to see the unique shape take form in a dynamic 360-degree view. Simply select the workpiece you want to work on, choose the knife you would like to use and start cutting, it’s that simple!

Main Features:

  • Lathe simulation gameplay. Pick a material to work on, set it on the lathe and start turning (milling) it to carve your own unique artifact.
  • Realistic turning (milling) physics. Lathe Machine features realistic physics movements as you control the cutting knife’s advancement in combination of 2 different axis.
  • Create thread/spiral shapes. With slower speed you can enjoy a new feature in this game and create beautiful thread/spiral twists.
  • New and improved 3D Graphics. You have a 360-degree view of the work area with the possibility of zooming in/out and looking around the lathe machine.
  • Customizable knives. You can pick from two types of gouges; one for turning metal and another one for turning wood. Then choose one of 8 different knife shapes depending on what you want to create and also choose 3 different widths.
  • Unlockable products. Unlock products that you can re-create and once those are finalized you can personally interact with them.
  • Save unfinished work. Even if you get interrupted in the middle of your work, you can save it and continue later.

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