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Terapets Wars: Arcade turn-based card combat game for retro nostalgics  play.google.com

2020-04-08 18:42:22 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready to play an old-school turn based card combat game? Meet Terapets Wars, an unique game that combines turn-based strategy gameplay with card games. Choose a Commander from dozens available and then build your combat deck. Play your cards wisely to avoid wasting precious mana and try to inflict as much damage on your opponent as you can before they hit you. Take turns onto playing your cards and keep your unique spells & powers last to inflict the final blow. Endless creatures to fight against, lots of unique spell, power and card combinations to experience the ultimate turn-based card combat game. Features:

  • Turn-based card combat game. Terapets Wars features an old-style turn-based combat game using decks of cards. Build a deck and use your cards wisely to destroy your opponent before it kills you.
  • Lots of unique variations. You can pick a Commander from 40+ available, each with their own powers and unique spells. Then build your deck from over 1000 possibilities. Endless hours of gameplay!
  • Arcade or Adventure mode. Play in Adventure mode gradually advancing from one level onto a tougher one, defeating up to 30 different opponents. Or go for Arcade if you believe you can win every time.
  • Retro graphics. Terapets comes with beautifully crafted Arcade scenes that will please retro-nostalgics. Gamers that experienced Heroes of Might and Magic will surely relive the same experience.

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