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Samurai Assassin: Action-packed RPG platformer for retro-nostalgics  play.google.com

2020-06-02 09:04:57 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Ready for an Arcade platformer with RPG elements? Meet Samurai Assassin, a platformer game with RPG elements and action-packed gameplay. You control a samurai that must use his deadly weapons and acrobatic skills to face hordes of enemies and avoid traps as he tries to save his wife after defeating at the last stage Fujin, the demigod. Easy controls make the gameplay simplistic but addicting at the same time. Collect gold and diamonds from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero's abilities and buy costumes/disguises in order to keep the pace with the increasing difficulty. You can see the game in action here: https://youtu.be/Hp8TAGnyd4s 

Main features:

  • Intense platformer. Samurai Assassin beautifully mixes a platformer gameplay with RPG elements to create an intense action game. Avoid deadly traps and fight enemies while you advance through levels.
  • Multiple levels. You can play on 3 different maps that combine a total of 45 levels (with more to be added). Easily control your samurai and guide him in battles against enemies and powerful bosses.
  • Upgrades. Your samurai's abilities can be upgraded to become more skilled and help you face the enemies better. You can also purchase costumes and disguises for your character.
  • Beautiful graphics. Samurai Assassin features beautifully crafted worlds with an Arcade style that will appeal especially to retro-nostalgics. Be the best and submit your score to the global leaderboard.

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