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Color Coded  play.google.com

2020-08-21 19:50:18 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Neflad Games

An Android Game Made by a 15-year-Old

Color Coded is a casual endless-runner mobile game which is developed by a 15-year-old developer and has been released on Google Play Store recently.


The Developer learned game development online during the lockdown due to coronavirus-crisis and developed his first game named Color Coded. The game is available to download on Google Play Store.

Color Coded is a casual endless runner game with simple mechanics and addicting gameplay. It has smooth and colorful graphics which makes it look amazing. This game will be a perfect fit for a game to play when bored. Despite being simple, Color Coded can be hard to master for many players. As any other endless runner game, Color Coded too, gets harder as one progresses making it more enjoyable and addicting. Color Coded was designed to be simple, addicting and to be played when bored.

The game is completely free to play without any in-app purchases.

Another thing which makes Color Coded different is, it is made using plain HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. There is no game engine used in the development of this game.

Color Coded is well optimized and has a download size of 3.14MB at launch and can be downloaded from google play store through this link:



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