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ARROW 2 - Patterns, a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game  play.google.com

2020-09-03 15:11:46 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Alexis Clemente

ARROW 2 – Patterns is the sequel of ARROW, a free and fun puzzle game with an enigmatic atmosphere, which will immerse you in a unique experience and make you relax while activating your brain creating strategies that will increase your IQ.

How to play? Easy!, swipe to move the arrows and solve the patterns, but you can only move the arrows if their direction matches your swipe. You will also find challenges such as teleporters and rotators that will put you thinking and make this game a real challenge for your brain.


If you think you are smart try playing ARROW 2 – Patterns and challenge your friends to see who goes further.


Why ARROW 2 – Patterns is a game you should play?


SIMPLE: Just swipe to move the arrows and solve the patterns.

CHALLENGE: Although it seems easy at the beginning, “ARROW 2 – Patterns” will challenge your logic like no other intelligence game created by our team.

BEAUTIFUL: A relaxing soundtrack and surprisingly beautiful effects are enough to keep you connected for long hours.

FUN: Each level is a unique experience.

STRATEGIC: With traps such as teleporters and rotators, together with the movement strategy of the arrows themselves, they will do more than challenging and fun to solve the puzzles.

FOR ALL: We have created two levels of difficulty: EASY and HARD, so that everyone can play this intelligent puzzle game.


Test your IQ and challenge your friends!

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