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Drop & Crush (Drop & Crushing soft things like Water Balloons, Fruits, Vegetables with Puzzle)  play.google.com

2020-09-09 06:04:54 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Shair äli

Love the satisfaction of Cut the Rope with Drop crushing crunchy and soft things? 

Behold as we bring you similar, but greater satisfaction in the form of the FREE Drop & Crush game. Forget creating a mess and running out of materials to crush in real life and experiencing only plain visuals and sounds of crushing videos online. Now you can firsthand crush objects and witness your satisfaction level multiply instantaneously.


The game even tests your mental ability while crushing the objects because you must cut the tool hanging above with a rope or chain. Just swipe to cut the line and make the massive tool fall on the crunchy & soft object to experience immense satisfaction. Consistency is boring, so our game gets harder and harder as you climb up each level and collect points. You can use these points to unlock more objects and tools to crush and squish. These new visuals and challenges keep you on your toes by making the crushing and squishing game even more exciting.


Play the game anytime and anywhere and feel the pleasure burst. In addition to all of that, the game's graphics will make your heart flutter with delight. Do not like our selection; customize the background with personal preference. Choose any visuals you like.


Now you can enjoy unlimited crushing and squishing with Drop & Crush's plentiful selection of objects and tools. Finding satisfaction in this life was never this easy, but you will never run low on power-packed enjoyment thanks to Drop & Crush game. Put yourself to the test and download our oddly satisfying crushing game simulation today. Jump on the bandwagon of viral satisfaction that everyone is raving about.


Drop & Crush Game Features:

• UNLIMITED crushing satisfaction

• Realistic soft and crunchy objects

• A relaxing and satisfying experience

• Realistic crushing and squishing sounds

• Ultimate ASMR experience

• Vibrant graphics

• Personalization option (custom wallpaper)

• Easy to play

• Unlock different objects and tools

• 100% realistic physics

• Swipe to cut rope & chain that holds the tool

• Test your Mental ability

• Unlimited challenges and levels


Variety of Soft & Crunchy Objects to Crush:

• Fruits

• Vegetables

• Balloons

• Toys

• Bottles

• Slime

• Lightbulbs

• Cups

• Balls


Variety of Hard & Heavy Tools that Crush Objects:

• Tires

• Wood

• Steel

• Bowling Ball

• Brick

• Car

•       Countries color theme balls


Our engineers have worked extremely hard to build this game to bring you ultimate satisfaction! We do not just stop there. We regularly update the Drop & Crush game to add more features and customizations that keep our players hooked.


Do you want to keep passing your time in stress and anxiety? Or do you want to do something that is interesting and helps you gain immense satisfaction? We all know what your answer is, then why wait? Click on the INSTALL button now!

<b> Subscription </b>

Lifetime Access:

On all heavy objects for crushing objects with 10000 coins

and Ads-free version.


With our game, you will have easy and free access to crushing satisfaction all the time! It does not get any better than having the most pleasing experience in the palm of your hands. Allow yourself boundless pleasure and enjoyment. DOWNLOAD the Drop & Crush game now to enjoy unlimited crushing and squishing satisfaction.


*Our app contains ads


In case of queries and suggestions, email us today at gamesbracket@gmail.com Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so let us know how can we be better?

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