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ShotOn Stamp Camera: Auto Add Shot On Photos  play.google.com

2021-03-09 09:34:59 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by ShotOn Camera

★ Why you should count on us?✌ An Absolute Freebie Package for All Users✌ Only App that allows you to add your custom Shot On logo.✌ Editable ShotOn & Shot By Signature Text.✌ Editable Position for these tags.✌ Set of Colors to Make the Stamp Look More Attractive!✌ We also support ShotOn for Sony, Shot On for Samsung and the list goes on and on.Simply Download the APP > CHOOSE BRAND LOGO > EDIT Shot On Tag > EDIT Shot By Tag > You’re good to go.Often times you may have come across ShotOn tags over images taken from Dual camera sensor capable and high-end smartphones.No, we ain’t telling you to buy that phone, instead just Download this simple app that is providing you same ability on all the devices!✔ Features you wished for, delivered!➺ Wide Variety of Brand Logos to Choose from➺ ShotOn Tag Stamp Position Changeable➺ Shot On Tag Signature Fields Editable➺ Functionality to add custom Logo➺ Choose your phone model according to brand➺ Ample Colors to Customize Text➺ Watermark Text Size Resizable➺ Expansive Font Formats

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