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IWing Maze 2  play.google.com

2021-05-05 06:12:23 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by IWing Maze 2

iWing Maze 2 lets you discover the universe as a unique spaceship pilot!

You wake up after a long cryogenic sleep and find yourself alone in a spaceship with Joe as your only companion.

Joe is a lovely robot that will guide you through fascinating intergalactic adventures, listen carefully to his advice, the space is full of danger!

Explore new worlds to collect as many gravitons as you can, they are the most valuable source of energy in the whole universe…

Welcome to a unique adventure full of surprises and boundless exploration. Agility and speed are your best allies to survive.

iWing Maze 2 combines funny storytelling, wonderful 2D visuals, and stimulating gameplay into one magic adventure action experience you will never forget. 

Ian and Joe are ready to start the adventure, but, are they alone out there? Enemies, allies, and much more are waiting for them!

Discover the secrets and worlds hidden throughout iWing Maze 2!

Are you ready to explore a whole new universe?


★ +50 levels★ 3 difficulty modes★ 4 ships & 10 bonus to be unlocked★ Meteoric, intense adventure★ Exciting new items, allies, enemies, and worlds to discover★ Easy controls★ Increasingly difficult challenges★ Stylized graphics and soundtrac

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