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Retro Image Converter - App to turn any image into a vintage computer art - Monochrome, CGA, Gameboy, etc.  play.google.com

2021-06-25 14:35:59 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Moon Rover

(Not a game but retrogamming related. Might be interesting specially for those wanting to create game art)

Retro Image Converter turns any image into a vintage computer art - Monochrome Green monitor, 4 color CGA or popular retro machines.The process is automated, you only need to select a retro palette and wait for the conversion to finish. You can save or share the images with friends.Details:- All images are center cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio, the same as old school graphics.- Images are rendered and saved at low resolutions (ex: 256 x 192 ). They are scaled up for sharing. This is because most messaging apps will compress the images, destroying the pixelated look.- Conversion is done by color matching. Each pixel is mapped to the closest palette color possible.- Dither patterns are calculated, so that a two color palette (ex: black and white) can simulate an intermediate tone. The same goes for larger number of colors, where intermediate tones are simulated.- Due to the precise calculations involved, conversions are slow. This ensures good color matching, even with when using very limited palettes.- The app doesn't simulate the restrictions of specific graphic modes (ex: color limitations within an ‘attribute’ pixel block).

Palettes names are inspired by historical systems:* Monochrome, Amber and Green are based on early PC graphics as displayed on CRT monitors.* LCD is inspired by the Game Boy handheld* Col 80A and Col 80B are inspired by the ColecoVision and TRS-80 Color home computers* CGA palettes cover most of the variations possible with the PC graphic cards, including custom modes. These palettes feature High and Low intensity variations.* Fruit 77 is based on the Apple II* TI9918 is based on the MSX and compatible computers.* Com 80 approximates the Commodore VIC-20* RGB 8 is inspired by Sinclair computers and Teletext.* Com 64 is based on the Commodore 64* CGA 16 colors uses the full CGA palette* Fruit 87 approximates the Apple Macintosh*PC 92 is based on the Windows 3.1 color palette.*Friend 85 is inspired by the Amiga Workbench default colors.Google Play link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=retroimageconverter.moonrover.com


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