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Democrazy - a political strategy game for Android  play.google.com

2014-07-24 06:23:29 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

In Democrazy you play a young politician with big ideas on how to solve the world's most pressing problems. However, the first obstacle is actually being elected and for that you have to enter and play the political game everyone else is doing. Can you become the President of the United States?

The goal is to gain enough votes until the election day and to do that you have to either spend money to spread your message or perform specific activities. Will you accept money from sleazy lobbyists or use dirty tactics such as slandering ads for your competitors?

Here are the features that will “hook” you on Democrazy:

  • 3 levels to play through by gathering enough votes to become a Mayor, Governor or ultimately the President of America
  • As in real life, you have to gain votes by spending money (that can be obtained from campaigning too) or doing particular tasks
  • Your choices influence the perception voters have about you. In politics there is a thin line between being a model citizen or a sleazy politician so choose carefully.

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