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A simple single tap game that let you have a short break from your daily hassle.  play.google.com

2014-12-04 08:48:38 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Chun Hou Sinn

A poor (and cute) little Honduran white bat is trapped deep deep underground! Help him to escape by guiding the white bat to fly through all the traps! Tap and bat will flap his wings once! Will he ever return to his family?

His fate is in your hands (or fingers)! 

Featuring:-*Simple gameplay! All you need to do is just TAP!*Cute graphics and character!

Coming Soon:-*Increasing Difficulty*Power-ups*More traps!!

**Honduran White Bats really exist, and can be found in countries like Honduras and Costa Rica. Google it for more information, the real white bats are really fluffy, tiny and cute!!

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