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Traffic Crash: Drive the fastest cars on Earth while crashing into other reckless drives  play.google.com

2014-12-15 19:39:46 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Traffic Crash fulfils a fantasy all drivers have, to drive recklessly without any real consequences. This game gives you this and even more as you choose a fast car and then head on into chaos, crash into other cars, escape from helicopters, drift and sabotage other participants. While you get some score for driving recklessly, the game encourages you to behave by increasing your score if you stay on the road and collect coins - so you choose, BAD vs GOOD?

Here are some features that make “Traffic Crash” as addictive as “Grand Theft Auto”:

  • 3 Game Modes. Crash mode (no need to extra details here), Long Run (limited health) and lastly Hot Pursuit (being fired at by a helicopter)
  • Lots of Cars. Select one of the 14 cars available, from pick-up trucks to the fastest car on Earth, this game has them all!
  • 3 Different Camera Angles. Real racing experience with 3 different camera angles
  • Arcade-style Driving. Easy driving style optimized for phones/tablets, you just worry about crashing into traffic as the car will drift into turns for you
  • Stunning Graphics with Evolving Environments. Drive your car through different environments (highways, drift corners, climb hills, drive under bridges and crash into buildings) while enjoying stunning graphics.

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