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MouseCraft: When Tetris meets Lemmings  mouse-craft.com

2014-07-25 05:49:56 in Console games (XBOX, PSP, ...) by Console

MouseCraft is a cross between Tetris and the Lemmings, but with mice involved. It is a puzzle where players help mice in their quest for cheese by stacking up Tetrominos (tetris blocks).

There's a Crazy Cat Scientist that you have to watch out for and a lot of cheese. There's a video trailer here and these are some features:

  • Easy gameplay mechanics, pile up Tetrominos to create a safe path so that mice reach the cheese
  • Avoid obstacles,gaps and various collectibles
  • Active Pause to freeze the game, or increase the speed if you feel like it
  • Create your own maps and share it with the community

MouseCraft is cross-platform, so Windows, Mac, Linux, consoles - you name it.

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