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Trackword: fun 9-letter puzzle to test your language skills  play.google.com

2015-01-08 05:34:43 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Trackword is not a simple word game, it’s a challenge for your vocabulary, as you have to find the word using all 9 shuffled letters. The word must track from one tile in the grid to the next, in any direction. If you’re not a language master don’t worry, there are hints available (though those decrease your score).

Here are some of the features in Trackword:

  • Easy gameplay. For every 9-letter word puzzle you simply tap and hold on a letter then move in any direction to the next one until you discover the hidden word.
  • Two game modes. Play to relax in the casual mode (where you can take as long as needed) or against the clock in the timed mode.
  • Sign in with Google+ to sync your scores across your devices and get access to Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Hints. If you’re stuck don’t despair, you can shuffle the letters to see if you recognize the word, or reveal the first or last letter.  
  • Difficulty setting. Adjust the game difficulty to include easier (common) or harder (obscure), higher scoring words.

Trackword is a perfect fit for those who want to practice their language skills or expand their vocabulary.

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